Thank you so much.
Now, I grew up in New York.
And I…
Is that my mother clapping?

I grew up in New York
and I had a great opportunity
because I grew up in New York.

That opportunity was being able to
drive into Manhattan every weekend
and go to the Apollo Theater.

And here the greatest entertainers
and greatest innovators of our time.

And I got to hear a lot girl singers at the Apollo.
And a lot girl singers at the Apollo started their songs
with a little speech about love and love lost.

And so I’d like to begin with this song
in the Apollo tradition.
And say to you all tonight,

You know
sometimes you and your man just cannot get along.

And so…
you have to sit him down and have a tete-a-tete.
They did not say that in the Apollo.

And you must say,
“I know how I feel about you. I love you madly.
But how…do you feel about me?”

Do you love me
Can we still be a part of tomorrow

Do you need me baby
Or is this just a thing of the past

Do you love me
I wanna know are you trying to tell me that it’s over?

Do you need me baby
Don’t you know that this lovin’ can last